Animal use

En1213 Animal Dissection Room

En1213-1215, the animal dissection room has been a problem -- people are dissecting animals but then doing the following:

a. wrapping the carcasses/embryos in a blue diaper, putting them in a cage, and then leaving them in the room to stink it up.
b. discarding the carcasses/embryos in the red biosafety bin to stink the room up.
c. removing the carcasses but leaving the dirty cages in the room.

Please properly take care of dissected animals/embryos and put the dirty cages away. If you put the dirty cages on the shared cart on En13, then make sure you participate in the Mouse Cage Rotation Group that are collaborating to empty this cart twice a week (as Alex). Otherwise bring the dirty cages back to ARCH.

In addition, the bacterial centrifuge has lots of LB liquid next to it (probably poured off after recovering bacterial pellets). The LB is not being discarded properly -- treat it with bleach then dump it.



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