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Cardiovascular Research Labs Personnel (by lab and by position)

Clapham, David Division Chief / P.I.
Merry, Michelle Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to Division Chief
Benford-Bruce, Paul Administrative Assistant
Jones, Stephanie Administrator, Research
Krapivinsky, Grigory Assoc. Sci Rsch / Asst Prof
Adstamongkonkul, Pichet (Team) Graduate Student
Dinegde, Bayush Laboratory Assistant
Gapon, Svetlana Lab Technician
Manasian, Yunona Lab Technician
Krapivinsky, Luba Lab Technician
Filonov, Dmitry (Fil) Network/ Systems administrator
Abiria, Sunday Postdoctoral Fellow
Boczek, Tomasz Postdoctoral Fellow
Houlihan, Patrick Postdoctoral Fellow
Hulse, Raymond Postdoctoral Fellow
Liu, Xiaowen Postdoctoral Fellow
Pablo, Juan Lorenzo B. Postdoctoral Fellow
Santa Cruz, Ana Postdoctoral Fellow
Zeng, Bo Postdoctoral Fellow
Zhang, Jin Postdoctoral Fellow
Sheu, Shu-Hsien Postdoctoral Fellow in Pathology
Renthal, Nora Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow
Duan, Jingjing Research Assistant 
Guo, Feng AP - Visiting Scientist
Meijer van Putten, Rosalie AP - Graduate Student
Schmaltz, Lillian AP - Student Intern
Translational Research Laboratories    
John N. Kheir John.Kheir@CARDIO.CHBOSTON.ORG

Staff Physician,
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit;

Instructor of Pediatrics, HMS / P.I.

Brian Polizzotti P.I.; Assistant / Instructor
Xiaoqi “Yuki” Tang Coordinator, Research Data
Catherine Baird Student/Intern
Alexis Cole Student/Intern
Katherine Black Research Assistant
Andrew Lock Research Assistant
Abigail Moore Research Assistant
Lindsay Thomson Research Assistant
Jemima Lamothe Research Technician
Yifeng Peng Postdoctoral Fellow
D. Alison Perry Postdoctoral Fellow
Raymond Seekell Postdoctoral Fellow
Raviraj Thakur Postdoctoral Fellow
Sangita Choudhury Assistant / Instructor
William Pu Associate in Cardiology / P.I.
Gang Wang Assistant / Instructor
Zhiqiang Lin Assistant / Instructor
Vassilios Bezzerides Attending / Instructor
Kai Li Postdoctoral Fellow
Pingzhu Zhou Postdoctoral Fellow
Fei Gu Postdoctoral Fellow
Donghui Zhang
Postdoctoral Fellow
Nathan VanDusen Postdoctoral Fellow
Yuxuan Guo Postdoctoral Fellow
Brynn Akerberg Postdoctoral Fellow
Qing Ma Research Lab Supervisor
Sylvia Zohrabian Research Assistant
Yulan Ai Research Assistant
Ana Caballero Research Assistant
Rachel (Wei-Liang) Gu AP - Visiting Scientist
Silvia Guatimosim AP - Visiting Scientist
Hong Guo AP - Visiting Scientist
Yifei Li AP - Visiting Scientist
Yuan Cao AP - Graduate Student
Weiwei Fang AP - Graduate Student
Amy Roberts Amy.Roberts@CARDIO.CHBOSTON.ORG Assistant in Cardiology / P.I.
Kari Boardman Kari.Boardman@CARDIO.CHBOSTON.ORG Research Technician
Da-Zhi Wang Associate in Cardiology / P.I.
Xiaoyun Hu Lab Manager / Research Technician
Zhanpeng Huang Assistant / Instructor
Jian Ding Assistant / Instructor
Jianming Liu Assistant / Instructor
Zaffar Haque Postdoctoral Fellow
Hong Shao Visiting Research Associate
Maria Salazar Roa   AP - Research Fellow
Zhonglin Tang  AP - Visiting Scientist
Silva, William AP - Graduate Student

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