MTA - Material Transfer Agreements

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New Procedure for MTAs for OUTGOING


When certain conditions apply, Boston Children’s principal investigators can use the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) contained herein to send materials to other academic institutions. 

How to Use this Form:

  1. Check whether ALL the following criteria are met. If not, please contact mta@childrens.harvard.edufor assistance generating an appropriate agreement. 

    [ ] The materials are not human tissue or other bodily samples (e.g. blood, urine etc.).

    [ ] The materials do not pose a safety hazard.

    [ ] The distribution of the materials is not subject to other legal or regulatory restrictions (e.g., export control laws, or laws pertaining to embryonic stem cells).

    [ ] The transfer of the Material is not encumbered by third party obligations. For example, material (i) generated using material received under another Material Transfer Agreement, (ii) commercially purchased materials with use limitations, or (iii) materials generated under a sponsored research agreement, could have restrictions on distribution.

    [ ] The materials are being distributed to other academics for non-commercial purposes only (not for commercial purposes or to a for-profit entity).

  2. Determine which of the following two MTAs to use by checking whether the recipient institution is on the Master UBMTA Agreement Signatories list found at  If YES, use the Implementing Letter (IL) on pages 1-2 of this document. Otherwise, use the full UBMTA found on pages 3-6.
  3. Fill out the items marked in yellow on the IL or UBMTA: Original Material description and the Provider Scientist and Recipient Scientist information
  4. Send the IL or UBMTA (deleting this page and the non-applicable agreement pages) to the recipient. As the recipient to fill out items marked in blue and sign the MTA.
  5. If the recipient has any changes or questions, refer them to  
  6. When you receive a copy signed by the recipient and their institution, the BCH PI should add his/her final signature to the MTA, and send a PDF to the recipient and to before sending the material.


New Procedure for MTAs for INCOMING Materials:

For Receiving Material: When seeking to acquire material from outside of Boston Children's Hospital, please download, and fill out the incoming material transfer agreement questionnaire here. Once completed, please submit the questionnaire to Incomplete submissions may cause a delay in the processing of your agreement. Once submitted, we will keep you informed throughout the MTA negotiation process. We will notify you and return a fully executed copy of the MTA for your records.