Please see full Ordering instruction document here.   

Note: Stores and PO Requests, orders may now be entered into iLab. See procedures in the full Ordering instruction document.

With the introduction of iLab, paper requisitions that were once used to order lab, chemical and general supplies are no longer required - with the exception of the following orders types and forms:

  • Animal Orders
  • Capital Equipment Orders – Epro/Peoplesoft
  • Sole Source Orders – Epro/Peoplesoft
  • Capital Equipment Orders – HHMI/P2P/Ariba (Clapham Lab)
    • Repair Order Form
    • Order Inquiry Form

Please combine orders for one vendor on a weekly basis, if possible, so we can keep the shipping prices down.

For order status, please ask Paul and give him a copy of the order status request form. Before asking for an order status, please wait ~7 business days from the date the order was placed. 

Rush orders are restricted (Hospital and HHMI policy).


  • Please submit your order form by noon at least two days prior to the requested delivery date.
  • Enter the Protocol #, your name, PI, the Vendor, Date Requested, animal details and any Special instructions (including Stock number (Jackson Lab). 



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