Electronic Reimbursement Payments Now Available for Hospital Employees

The hospital's Finance Department is pleased to announce that Boston Children’s employees can now request electronic payment for employee travel reimbursements and check requests.

The change is part of the result of the department's Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Process Improvement Project and will provide a more streamlined and timely payment methodology by depositing payments directly from Accounts Payable to enrolled employees’ bank accounts for all approved out-of-pocket expenses.

For convenience, an electronic payment will be issued at the time of payment in order to both reduce the cost and time of printing and mailing paper checks and provide immediate notification at the time of deposit.

This new service does not change the current methodology for submitting reimbursement requests, which will continue to be handled through the Accounts Payable department according to the hospital's purchasing policy.

All eligible employees who submit travel and check requests are encouraged to take advantage of this new service. In order to participate, employees must opt in through Peoplesoft's Direct Deposit page under Employee Self-Service. There, employees can provide their authorization and consent to participate in a Bank of American Paymode-X platform.

Currently only hospital-paid employees are eligible to participate in this program. Further development efforts will expand the offering to additional staff in the future.

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