Research Operations

See FORMS page for Coats, Keys, Access, and Notebook Request forms.

Lab Coats

  • Each person will receive up to 3 lab coats. Your last name will be on the inside tag.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for an order request to complete.
  • Enders 13
    • Clean coats are in the cabinet/armoir in the Enders 13 Lounge (EN-1325)
    • Place used/soiled coats in the drawer of the cabinet.
  • Enders 12
    • Clean coats and hamper are in the closet across from Fire Exit "Enders North Stair 2." (EN1205-ish)


  • Please see Stephanie for Key Info (the key code for the area to which you are requesting access
  • Keys are typically ready within four business days.

Enders bldg access

  • Unlock Main entry doors
  • All doors are locked after 7pm weeknights, and all weekend.


  • Contents property of BCH
  • The Request Form need only be submitted once. Further BCH notebook requests to Res Ops do not require the form.

Fire Safety   [See also CODE RED]

  • Building Fire Evacuation Plan
    • Exit Building, cross street, meet at 333 Longwood
  • Information
    • Note location of your 3 stairwells.  Note location of extinguishers, fire blankets (and wash stations).
    • Review information on Orange Clipboards.  
    • Stairwells have a fire rating of 2hrs. If a person cannot safely make it down the stairs, they can (ask someone to) call for emergency assistance and hold in place in the stairwell for up to 2 hours. 

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