Safety: General Housekeeping

Safety: General Housekeeping

  • All hand labeled bottles need to contain the full chemical name and its hazard level
  • Nothing should be stored on the floor or on the top shelf below the sprinklers
  • Hoods should not be used as a chemical storage area - all chemicals should be removed
  • Tips should be labeled as sharp and placed in the red bio containers
  • The red bio containers should always be closed after content has been placed inside
  • The cold room – should not contain hazardous chemical such as Sodium Hydroxide, Formaldehyde, acid wash etc.
  • Table pads should be changed regularly  (i.e. when ripped, discolored, contains a spill etc)
  • No plants should be near the benches
  • Properly dispose of expired chemicals or chemicals with cracked containers or tops
  • Hazardous chemicals need to be on an eye level shelf
  • Food and drinks are not allowable in the labs
  • Lab safety attire should be worn at all times

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