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FIRE EMERGENCY NUMBER:    5-FIRE  (5-3473)  or  5-6525

CHEMICAL SPILL PAGE:            page 7233 (SAFE)
                                                   call   5-3499(5-FIXX)

If calling Operations Center, 617-355-3499 (ext 5-3499), you need to ask that they contact/page safety personnel. Be prepared to indicate whether you need Safety, Radiation Safety or Biosafety. 

Placing a page using direct dial in-hospital
1. Dial extension 5-7243 (5-PAGE). Listen to the voice prompts.
2. Dial the 4-digit Pager ID number, followed by the pound sign (#).
3. Dial your call back number, followed by the pound sign (#), then hang up.

Placing a direct page from outside of the Hospital
1. Dial (617) 355-7243. Listen to the voice prompts.
2. Dial the 4-digit Pager ID number, followed by the pound sign (#).
3. Dial your call back number, followed by the pound sign (#), then hang up. 


Having 2 email accounts

Auto-forwarding from Outlook

  • (e.g.To set auto-forwarding of your "" email to your enders account, ""
  • Go to Outlook > Mail
  • Got to Options, upper right
  • Select see all options
  • Select Organize Email
  • Select New > Create a new rule...
  • Choose 
    • When the message arrives, and: [It was sent to (your children's address/account)]
    • Do the following: [Redirect the message to (your enders address)]
  • Save

OR  if you prefer using Outlook with its calendar and global address book -  

auto-forwarding from Roundcube

  • (e.g.To set auto-forwarding of your "" email to your childrens account, "")
  •  To set up forwarding you need to do the following -

    1) go to
    log in with your whole enders email address as username (not just the first part before '@') and
    your enders email password.

    2) Click on "Change your forward"

    3) Enter the email you want to forward to

    4) Select "Forward  to given email addresses only" if you are not
    planning to check your email on enders server.

    5) Click "Save changes"



During 2012, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee investigated several issues of animal protocol noncompliance relating to anesthesia and analgesia administration. Two issues repeated by labs were using expired anesthesia/analgesia and failing to administer analgesia at the frequency specified in the protocol.

Please refer to the Investigator’s Manual and IACUC policies for guidance concerning anesthetic and analgesic agents, doses, routes of administration and dosing intervals at the following link:

Inventory, Enders 13

When you will notice there is little supply left of a specific product (e.g. one case of pipettes, tips, tubes, tape, dishes, alcohol, filter units, gloves, film, timers, box dividers, weighing dishes, tubing, etc.) 
please let either Svetlana or Nona know.

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Please combine orders for one vendor on a weekly basis, if possible, so we can keep the shipping prices down.
Wait ~7 business days before asking for an order status.

See more information under Policies and Guidelines


  • Remember what you printed and claim it / use it.  
Be aware of which printer you are printing to.

  • Use the Ricoh in the EN13 lounge if you do not need color.
Print on both sides of the paper when possible.

  • Reduce: save as PDF or some other file on your computer instead of printing
  • Re-use paper when possible. 
  • Recycle paper in the mixed recyclables bin if you do not need it secure / shredded
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Emergency Ride Home Program


[and other programs at]

Boston Children's Hospital employees who walk, bike, carpools, uses vanpools or takes public transportation to work are eligible for the CommuteWorks Emergency Ride Home Program.

With the CommuteWorks Emergency Ride Home program, you can leave your car at home knowing that if you have an unexpected personal emergency during the work day, you can receive a free taxi ride or rental car to take you home.

Once registered, you can use this service up to five times per year. 

To register for the Emergency Ride Home Program, please visit the CommuteWorks  website or contact CommuteWorks at 617-632-2796.

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You can send a fax from any email application including Outlook, OWA, Outlook for Mac—even from your mobile device. When you use CHBFax, a Children’s cover sheet is generated automatically.

To send a fax from your email, follow the steps in this document.

You can receive faxes, too.  See the document.

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